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Z-Carb four-flute high performance end mills set the standard for optimal removal rates. With unparalleled efficiency and performance, these legendary tools have been upgraded with enhanced geometry.

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3 Z-Carb End Mills Grouped


Radial Rake

Unequal Flute Spacing Diagram
  • Unequal flute spacing helps to disrupt the rhythmic pattern created by the cutting edge helping to suppress damaging harmonics.

Ball End and Material Removal

Ball end end mill
  • The ball end design is ideal for finishing operations in complex workpieces.
  • Achieve optimal material removal rates with the Z-Carb end mills through increased feed and depths of cut.


End mill helix and flute diagram
  • Unequal helix design reduces damaging harmonics by changing the angle at which each cutting edge enters and exits the material.
  • The structural design of Ti-Namite-X is adapted to meet a diverse range of applications; everything from high- and low-alloy steels to hardened materials (up to 65 HRC core hardness). Ti-Namite-X is suitable for operations that require high cutting speeds, high temperatures at the cutting edge, and high metal removal rates.
White drawing of Z-Carb End Mill

Series Details

Lineup Details

  • Cutting Diameter: 1/8"-1" | 3,0 mm - 25,0 mm
  • Length of Cut: 3/8"-1 1/2" | 8,0 mm - 38,0 mm
  • Overall Length: 1 1/2" -4" | 57,0 mm - 104, 0mm
  • Shank Diameter: 1/8"-1" | 6,0 mm - 25,0 mm
  • Corner Radius: .015"-.040"
  • Coating(s): Ti-NAMITE-X
  • Available Features: JetStream, Weldon Flat

Primary Material Applications

  • Steel ≤ 45 HRc
  • Stainless Steel ≤ 45HRc
  • Cast Iron ≤ 45HRc
  • High Temp Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys ≤ 45 HRc

Industry Applications



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Power Generation

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Mold & Die

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Casting & Foundries

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General Engineering

Secondary Material Applications

  • Cast Iron ≥ 45 HRc
  • Hardened Steels < 45 HRc



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Aerospace Machining Solutions


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Tooling Matrix

Z-Carb | Z1B

Speed / Feed

Z-Carb | Z1MB

Speed / Feed

Turbine blade manufactured on a 5th axis CNC machine and an end mill.


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