The KYOCERA SGS Tech Hub (KSTH) goal is to proactively respond to specific customer needs presented to us through the KSPT sales team with effective, efficient, well engineered and complete solutions. Our staff will be hyper focused on tailoring all our resources and manufacturing specifically to each end user's unique demands and needs. Our purpose is driven by one application at a time within a specific end user, as opposed to an entire market.


The staff will have access to a full suite of modelling and programming software to support our internal and external technology demands. We will also manage an E.R.P. and Project Management system that will give our customers high visibility, as well as our internal staff.


We are able to offer advantages only a large entity such as KYOCERA can provide:

  • Lab Certified Material
  • ISO Certification
  • Global R&D
  • Patented Tool Technologies (when appropriate)
  • Industry Leading Manufacturing and Inspection Technology
  • High-Level Engineering Support
  • In-House Customer Testing
  • Virtual Tool Path Demonstrations
  • Utilization of Industry Partners for Full Solutions


Being part of a large global entity has its advantages for sure. However, we must also be competitive in the areas that make the smaller regional specials manufacturers attractive in the first place:

  • Fast Quote Turnarounds
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Competitive Ship Dates
  • Detailed Customer Drawings
  • CAD Model of Cutters
  • Complete Manufacturing Updates
  • Personal Touch


149 Slayton Avenue
Danville, VA 24540 U.S.A.
Phone:(434) 791-2020
Fax: (434) 791-2044