Tech Hub


The KYOCERA SGS TECH HUB (KSTH) is a newly dedicated division of the KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools (KSPT) group created to focus on custom cutting tool solutions and explore new technologies. The space and resources have been designed to provide not simply a tool but a complete scope of services that includes managing the tool from conception through expiration and everything in between.


At KSTH we approach each opportunity as a project and manage it as such. We pride ourselves on engineering each project to the specific needs of our customers. Providing quotes often within 24 hours and following through with detailed drawings, solid models, process plans, and program simulations if needed. Our goal is to work hand in hand with the end user and maintain constant communication to customize our support to their needs.


KSTH R&D will also focus on strategic initiatives and technology evaluation within industry as a whole. Collaboration with industry partners and Universities will help the KYOCERA SGS group understand and bring new complete solutions to our customers. We will dig deeper into new technologies and information in order to effectively communicate and
provide industry leading solutions to our customers.


This department will focus on the treatment of
tools after the grinding process has been
completed. The technology will include strategically engineered, and proprietary, pre and post coating processes. With a specific focus on the customer’s application demands, as with all steps of our design process.


With an end user-centric focus, KSTH has been created to provide the KYOCERA SGS group an accelerated and flexible manufacturing space to address each individual customer's needs. KSTH will work with a "stop watch" mentality to quickly process and deliver complete customized solutions. This allows the KYOCERA SGS group to offer all the advantages and breadth of product found in a large global company, with the the personal touch.


We understand that customers often do not have the ability to dedicate capacity to experimentation and exploring theories. The Tech Hub will have dedicated resources to provide these services. This is valuable, not just for new concepts, but to seek ways to continuously LEARN, APPLY AND EXCEL. As a KYOCERA SGS company, KSTH will always have innovation at the core of every solution developed, with optimization of every new and existing solution being just as critical.

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