Our Capabilities

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools is a global leader in solid round cutting tools, thanks in part to our unrivaled portfolio of capabilities ranging from world class manufacturing centers, to vigorous research and development teams, to proprietary coatings and dependable logistics. Our dedication to bringing VALUE AT THE SPINDLE® starts with inspecting each batch of raw material, and ends with custom tooling solutions with KSPT Engineers and end users customizing tool paths, machine operation parameters, and work piece testing.


KSPT’s global manufacturing facilities use premier grinding machines and diamond wheels specially designed and selected to manufacture our proprietary tool geometries. Our centers feature industry leading practices in cleanliness, temperature control, inventory management, and quality inspection. KSPT is proud to be one of the only companies in the world to operate an in-house metallurgical lab. All raw material used by KSPT is thoroughly inspected and tested to meet incredibly high qualifications. Our manufacturing associates take immense pride in their work, and their incredible manufacturing consistency means every tool is consistently and reliably made to tight tolerances. Regardless of where your KSPT cutting tools are manufactured, whether in our Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio plant, or United Kingdom Tech Hub, our global consistency and quality is unparalleled.

Research and Development

KSPT is focused on providing innovative and specialized tooling solutions. Through testing and development, the KSPT team focuses on the latest technical competence and machining techniques to bring a continuous stream of new products and advancements to market. Our engineering team is committed to continuous improvement and optimizing machining parameters. KSPT has a dedicated technical team with a heightened aptitude for materials, applications and customer centered solutions within the high performance machining industry. We test materials, tools, applications and coatings and engineer designs for improvements and operational advancements. The portfolio of KSPT products and services offer an unparalleled track record in performance, cost savings, quality and VALUE AT THE SPINDLE®.


Through our extensive research and development, we’ve proven that a cutting tool’s value can be multiplied considerably through the right coating. Once more, the specific material that our tools are cutting can be machined easier and more efficiently with the right coating. Our proprietary tool coatings greatly extend tool life and performance, even affecting machining parameters like coolant variety and delivery, speed and feed, and tool change out frequency. Our in house coating group, with locations in North America and Europe, feature dedicated coating scientists and labs working with our Tech Hubs and Global Innovation Center. This collaboration has generated numerous material and tool-specific coatings that lead the industry in the most demanding of machining environments.


Our substantial manufacturing capabilities, and the nature of our end users’ demand required KSPT to rethink how our products were shipped. Over the last 10 years we’ve invested millions around the world on warehouse automation, packaging and labeling, and valuable logistics partnerships with the worlds’ leading shipping companies. Ordering and receiving product from us has never been easier, and few other companies offer the closed-loop process and value of KSPT. From the inspection of raw material, to the tube holding the finished product, everything is handled by KSPT, and everything is subject to our stringent quality controls.

Regrinding, Alterations, Specials

The life of a KSPT solid carbide cutting tool does not end with the first signs of wear. Thanks to our metallurgical lab and scientifically advanced geometries and coatings, our products can often be reground and recoated multiple times, deriving even more value from a KSPT tool purchase. We operate regrinding centers around the world to reduce turnaround time for our end users.


We operate in over 60 countries through a network of distribution partners and KSPT Sales Engineers and territory managers. This sales presence allows us to aggressively service and support our end users by being with them at their machines, and working on their schedule. Combined with our global warehouse infrastructure, we’re able to sell and service our end users in record time. VALUE AT THE SPINDLE® quite literally means at the spindle, and this level of personal support is what differentiates our sales process from our competitors.

Customer service is at the core of what we do, and our multilingual support team is available to order product, answer technical application questions, and provide logistics support. Our company was built by amazing people, and this value is something we exemplify in our customer service operations every single day.

Our portfolio of products feature an unparalleled track record in cost savings and machining efficiency. We offer tools that, quite simply, do the job better and at greater machining efficiencies. Whether it is one of our patented variable geometry series of tools for milling, such as the Z-Carb for difficult to machine materials like titanium and stainless steel, the S-Carb series for ultra high performance aluminum machining, the KSPT lineup of micro tools for the smallest of machining needs, or high performance hole making such as the HI-PERCARB family of drills, our product mix is world class, and constantly expanding to fit the needs of our global consumers.