S-Carb | Series 43

The original symmetrical flute design features and engineered flute form that provides high-performance results through a full range of machining conditions. These tools are designed for aggressive aluminum, non-ferrous, and non-metallic machining requiring a high level of material removal. The S-Carb family encompasses the 2-Flute Series 47, 3-Flute Series 43, 3-Flute Advanced Productivity Rougher (APR) and 4-Flute Finisher (APF).

Product details below are for the following S-Carb Series 43 products:

  • Series 43, 43CR, 43L, 43LC, 43EC, 43B, 43LB, 43EB, 43CB, 43LCB, 43M, 43MCR, 43ML, 43MLC, 43MB, 43MCB
S-Carb | Series 43

Features & Benefits

Engineered Flute Design

  • Effective chip removal at high feed rates
  • Lower cutting forces than comparable products
  • Improved balance at high spindle speeds
  • Improved workpiece finish
  • More effective plunging and profiling compared to conventional designs

Circular Land

  • Increased control at a wide range of speed and feed levels
  • Reduced chatter

Various Reach, Neck, and End Options Available

  • Ball end design for complex workpieces
  • Necked design with blended diameter transitions provide clearance to reach
  • Short flutes for maximum rigidity
  • Axial slotting up to 1xD
  • All S-Carb products are available in either inch or metric configurations
  • Available with Ti-NAMITE-B ceramic-based coating with industry leading built up edge protection.

New! Series 43 Metric Expanded Tools Now Available with Polished Flutes

  • Polished flutes maximize chip evacuation and enhance finish allowing for higher feed rates
  • Less built up edge due to lower coefficient of friction

Product Details

Cutting Diameter 1/8"-1" / 3,0-5,0
Length of Cut 3/8"-4 1/8" / 4,5-80,0
Overall Length 1 1/2"-7" / 52,0-170,0
Shank Diameter 1/8"-1" / 6,0-25,0
Reach 1/2"-4 3/8" / 10,0-126,0
Corner Radius .010-.250 / 0,3-4,0
Coating(s) Ti-NAMITE-B
Special Options Polished Flutes (metric only)

Material Applications


Industry Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Automotive
  • Mold & Die
  • Casting & Foundries
  • General Engineering