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3/8" Dia, 4 Flute, Corner Radius End Mill - 36456

3/8" Dia, 7/8" LOC, 1-7/8" Reach, 3/8" Shank Dia, 0.0200" Radius, 4 Flute, 35-38 Degree Helix, Ti-NAMITE-X (TX) Coated, Series ZPCR, Z-Carb-AP, Corner Radius End Mill - 36456
Feature & Benefits
Variable rake geometry alters and controls the cutting dynamic taking chatter suppression to an unprecedented level
Unequal helix design changes the cutting angle to improve harmonics
Unequal flute spacing helps to disrupt the rhythmic pattern created by the cutting edge helping to suppress damaging harmonics
Long reach design allows for deeper and faster cuts
Enhanced corner geometry with tight tolerance corner radii
Recommended for materials ≤ 45 HRc (≤ 420 Bhn)
List Price: $100.51
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Total Available U.S. :0
Series DescriptionZ-Carb-AP
High PerformanceYes
End ConfigurationCorner Radius
Unit (inch/mm)inch
Number of Flutes4
Primary Workpiece Material(P) Steel|(M) Stainless Steel|(K) Cast Iron|(S) High Temp Alloy
Secondary Workpiece Material(H) Hardened Materials
Cutting Diameter (DC) (Decimal Inch)0.3750
Cutting Diameter (DC) (Fractional Inch)3/8
Cutting Diameter (DC) (mm)9.53
Shank Diameter (DCON) (Decimal Inch)0.3750
Shank Diameter (DCON) (mm)9.53
Length of Cut (APMX) (Decimal Inch)0.8750
Length of Cut (APMX) (Fractional Inch)7/8
Length of Cut (APMX) (mm)22.23
Reach (LU) (Decimal Inch)1.8750
Reach (LU) (Fractional Inch)1-7/8
Reach (LU) (mm)47.63
Overall Length (LF) (Decimal Inch)5.0000
Overall Length (LF) (Fractional Inch)5
Overall Length (LF) (mm)127.00
Neck Diameter (DN) (Decimal Inch)0.3550
Neck Diameter (DN) (mm)9.02
Corner Radius (RE) (Decimal Inch)0.0200
Corner Radius (RE) (mm)0.51
Shank Length (LS) (Decimal Inch)3.1250
Shank Length (LS) (Fractional Inch)3-1/8
Cutting Diameter (DC) Tolerance (Decimal Inch)+0.0000/-0.0016
Cutting Diameter (DC) Tolerance (mm)+0.000/-0.040
Shank Diameter (DCON) Tolerance (ISO)h6
Corner Radius (RE) Tolerance (Decimal Inch)+0.0000/-0.0020
Corner Radius (RE) Tolerance (mm)+0.000/-0.050
Shank TypeStraight
Coolant OptionExternal Coolant
Coating Description TX (Ti-NAMITE-X)
Additional GeometryFlute Spacing Unequal / Right Hand Cut Direction (RHC)
Rake AngleVariable
Helix AngleVariable Right Spiral
Helix Angle (Degree)35-38
Variable HelixYes
Center CuttingYes
Chip BreakerNo
Shipping Weight0.2710
Weldon FlatNo
US Stock0
Shank Length (LS) (mm)79.38
Shank Diameter (DCON) (Fractional Inch)3/8
Tool LengthLong Reach Neck
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