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25/64" Dia, 137 Degree Point, Solid Carbide Drill - 56494

Hi-PerCarb 142P
25/64" Dia, 137 Degree Point, 0.3937" Shank Dia, 5.5905" OAL, 2 Flute, 8xD, Coolant-Through, Ti-NAMITE-X (TX) Coated, Series 142P, Hi-PerCarb 142P, Solid Carbide Drill - 56494
Feature & Benefits
High-performance point design stabilizes on entry for exceptional hole size and cylindricity while also allowing for low thrust force and extended tool life
Internal coolant hole improves coolant flow to extend tool life and aid in chip evacuation
4-margin design improves hole straightness and roundness while providing improved stability for difficult applications like cross holes and when exiting on angle
Proprietary Ti-NAMITE®-X coating and industry leading carbide substrate provides exceptional wear resistance and toughness for demanding applications
Recommended for materials ≤ 50HRc (475 Bhn)
List Price: $474.51
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Total Available U.S. :13
Series DescriptionHi-PerCarb 142P
High PerformanceYes
Unit (inch/mm)inch
Number of Flutes2
Primary Workpiece Material(P) Steel|(N) Non-Ferrous Materials|(H) Hardened Materials
Secondary Workpiece Material(M) Stainless Steel|(K) Cast Iron|(S) High Temp Alloy
Reach (xD)8xD
Cutting Diameter (DC) (Decimal Inch)0.3906
Cutting Diameter (DC) (Fractional Inch)25/64
Cutting Diameter (DC) (mm)9.92
Shank Diameter (DCON) (Decimal Inch)0.3937
Shank Diameter (DCON) (mm)10.00
Flute Length (LCF) (Decimal Inch)3.7402
Flute Length (LCF) (mm)95.00
Overall Length (OAL) (Decimal Inch)5.5905
Overall Length (OAL) (mm)142.00
Shank Length (LS) (Decimal Inch)1.5748
Point Angle (Degree)137
Point Length (PL) (Decimal Inch)0.0809
Point Length (PL) (mm)2.05
Cutting Diameter (DC) Tolerance (Decimal Inch)+.00024 / +.00083
Cutting Diameter (DC) Tolerance (mm)+.0061 / +.0211
Shank Diameter (DCON) Tolerance (ISO)h6
Shank TypeStraight
Coolant OptionInternal Coolant
Coating Description TX (Ti-NAMITE-X)
Additional GeometryRight Hand Cut Direction (RHC)
Helix AngleRight Spiral
Helix Angle (Degree)30
Variable HelixNo
Center CuttingNo
Chip BreakerNo
Number of Margins4
Shipping Weight0.2700
Weldon FlatNo
US Stock13
Self CenteringYes
Shank Length (LS) (mm)40.00
Usable Length (LU) (Decimal Inch)3.1496
Usable Length (LU) (mm)80.00
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