b'CASE STUDY M4 8XD MICRO END MILLINDUSTRY GOALSAEROSPACE The goals of this study were to significantly reduce job cost through the MATERIAL implementation of superior tooling and increased manufacturing efficiencies.347 Stainless Steel (28 HRc Hardness) STRATEGYPRODUCT KSPT approached the job with a 4 flute 8XD Micro End Mill. The four flute design allows for higher feed rates and decreased deflection, improving M4 8XD Micro End Mills productivity and surface finish. APPLICATIONPlungingCOMPETITOR KSPT COMPETITOR3 Flute Extended Reach Micro End Mill TOOL DIAMETER .07 .07COOLANT SPEED6600 RPM 3400 RPMSoluble Flood FEED4 IPM 2 IPMRADIAL CUT (AE)N/A N/ATOOL INFORMATION AXIAL CUT (AP)0.38 0.380.07" Dia / 0.21" LOC / 2" OAL CYCLE TIME6 SECONDS 11.4 SECONDSRESULTSThe overall findings of this study indicate KSPTs 4 flute micro end mill blew away the competitors 3 flute tool in efficiency and effectiveness. KSPTs tool was able to capacitate a 48% higher speed and a 50% greater feed rate. Those combined efficiencies were able to cut the cycle time in half! Because of the higher quality tool, the customer was able to produce 160 parts per KSPT tool. The competitors 3 flute end mill was only able to produce 1 part per tool. Thus, the tool change cost was reduced by over 99%! Additionally, since KSPT only used 3 total tools to complete the job, the customer benefited from a new tool cost reduction by over 99%. The M4 8XD 4 flute micro end mill ultimately saved the customer a grand total of $12,030.34, resulting in a 98.88% cost reduction! These tools, albeit small, are an epic step forward for micro machining.TOTAL PARTS AVAILABLE PER TOOL NEW TOOLS REQUIRED TO160 COMPLETE THE JOB160140 400120 34010080 200604020 1 30 KSPT Competitor 0 KSPT CompetitorTOOL CHANGE COST TOTAL COST$2,125.00$3,000 $15,000 $12,166.17$2,000 $10,000$1,000 $5,000$18.75 $135.82$0 $0KSPT Competitor KSPT Competitor'