Global Innovation Center

Innovative cutting tool technologies

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools is focused on providing innovative and specialized tooling solutions. The Global Innovation Center is an environment conductive to innovation. Through testing and development, the dedicated KSPT team focuses on the latest technical competence and machining techniques to bring a continuous stream of new products and advancements to market.

  • High speed videography providing analysis of the cutting process
  • Dynamometers to analyze cutting forces
  • Highly Engineered Technology
  • Tool Studio and virtual Grind Pro software to generate 3D cutting tool models


KSPT has a dedicated technical team with a heightened aptitude for materials, applications and customer-centered solutions within the high performance machining industry. The KSPT expertise and global market knowledge allows us to translate customer needs into a commercial sales strategy. The portfolio of KSPT products and services offer an unparalleled track record in performance, cost savings, quality and VALUE AT THE SPINDLE®

  • Market Driven Productivity improvements like the Z-Carb HPR for high volume metal removal rates in aerospace applications
  • Tooling Solutions
    • Development of new tool geometries, coatings and substrates
    • Extensive field testing through sales engineers
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting

Productivity Improvement

The capacity to engineer better tooling is a necessity in an industry where technological advancements in machines are outpacing the advancement in tooling. KSPT takes it one step further.

Our engineering team is dedicated to continuous improvement and optimizing machining parameters. We test materials, tools, applications and coatings end also engineer designs for improvements and operational advancements.

  • Ability to replicate end user process in lab ensuring alignment in a production setting
  • Multiple tool holding and three vertical machine centers with varied capabilities up to 50 horsepower to closely emulate end user operations


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