Hi-PerCarb │ Series 131N 3xD

Key features designed into the HI-PerCarb Series 131N drill allow the product to offer application benefits not only beyond that of standard carbide drills but also other high-performance drills.  Each feature of the 131N was uniquely engineered as a solution towards addressing issues commonly encountered during high production non-ferrous drilling. 

Hi-PerCarb │ Series 131N 3xD

Features & Benefits

  • Tri Margin Design
    • Improved hole stability over two flute designs 
    • Superior surface finish, roundness, and hole cylindricity 
    • Unsurpassed hole size control 
  • Self Stabilizing Point
    • Pyramid design stabilizes the drill on contact with the workpiece 
  • Open Flute Structure
    • Efficiently transports chips while maintaining strength at high feed rates
  • Sculpted Gash
    • Allows chips to easily flow away from the drill center
    • Reduced cutting forces over competitive three-flute designs 
  • Minimal Margin Design 
    • Reduces frictional heat generated by excessive margin contact with the work piece 
    • The parallel design maintains contact-width as margin wears for performance consistency 

Product Details

Cutting Diameter 3,0-3/4"
Shank Diameter 6,0-20,0
Overall Length 62,0-131,0
Flute Length 20,0-79,0
Minimum Cleared Length 14,0-55,0
Shank Length 36,0-50,0
Coating Ti-NAMITE-B

Material Applications


Industry Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Automotive
  • Mold & Die
  • Casting & Foundries
  • General Engineering