b'KSPT COATINGSWith excellent thermal and chemical resistance, Ti-NAMITE-A (AlTiN) allows for dry cutting and improvements in performance of carbide. The coating has a high hardness giving ultimate protection against abrasive wear and erosion. Ideal for cast iron, high temperature alloys, steels, and stainless steelapplications.Hardness (HV): 3700 Oxidation Temperature: 1100C / 2010F Coefficient of Friction: 0.30 Thickness: 14 Microns (based on tool diameter)KYOCERA SGS PRECISION TOOLS AlTiN COATING PERFORMANCE (LAB RESULTS)SEM photography shows the KSPT proprietary coating method provides a significant reduction in macro particle deposition on the tool surface, which contributes to increased performanceNORMAL AlTiN MICRO-TOOL COATING due to smoother chip flow.Another@ 1.06KX MAGNFICATIONbenefit of the KSPT micro-tool coating is a significant reduction in edge rounding due to excessive thick- ness, typical of most normal coatings.KSPT PROPRIETARY AlTiN MICRO-TOOL COATING @ 1.06KX MAGNFICATIONWith very high wear resistance and excellent hot hardness, Ti-NAMITE-Cr (AlCrN) allows for wet and dry machining versatility at the highest of cutting speeds for increased machine utilization and productivity. The coating provides optimal thermal shock stability and is ideal for cast iron and steel applications up to 52 HRc. Hardness (HV): 3200Oxidation Temperature: 1100C / 2010F Coefficient of Friction: 0.35Thickness: 14 Microns (based on tool diameter)8 www.sgsmicrotools.com'