b'KSPT MICRO DRILLSSMALL TOOLS. EPIC PROPORTIONS.KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools (KSPT) commitment to providing superior quality round solid carbide cutting tools is unwavering, and these efforts are being taken one step further by introducing an impressive micro tool expansion. Within the expansion, KSPT introduces a new lineup of micro drills totaling more than 1,400 tools with a variety of coolant and length options to meet the demands of global hole making applications. Explore the portfolio below and discover how these small tools can deliver epic VALUE AT THE SPINDLE!DRILL PORTFOLIO HIGHLIGHTS: 2 flutes for optimal chip evacuation and cuttingUncoated options standard in select seriesedge strength Offered with Ti-NAMITE-A coating for superior nternal coolant options on select seriestool life and all-around value across a varietyIpromotes controlled and consistent operatingof applications temperatures-Cr Select series offered in new Ti-NAMITELengths of cut ranging from 3 times diameter(AlCrN) coating for exceptional wear resistancethrough 15times diameterin wet and dry drilling of cast iron and steel Fractional tools on 1/8 common shank andmaterials up to 52 HRcmetric tools on 3MM and 4MM shanks to suitAll micro tools are manufactured in accordanceglobal market demands with KSPT ISO 9001: 2015 quality standardsHOLE DIAMETER VARIATION SERIES M8140.10 Dia. Variation 0.08 No. of Holes (mm)0.06 M814 600 0.0937Diameter Variation (mm)0.04 Competitor A 600 0.1141Competitor B 269 (Broken) 0.12810.02 Competitor C 600 0.134700.02 Cutting Conditions:0.04 N = 6468 rpm, Vf = 575 mm/min 0.06 Drill Diameter 0,3 mm Drilling Depth 25,4 mm, 17-4PH-9000.08M814 Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C'